3 steps to arrive at The Right SIP Amount

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) makes sense only when the amount invested helps in realizing your dream.

Therefore, it is important to arrive at The Right SIP Amount.

  • What am I investing for?
  • How long should I invest for?
  • What should be the RIGHT SIP Amount to achieve my goal?
Calculate The Right SIP Amount

Enter the value of your Finacial Goal, Expected Rate of Return and Time Horizon to arrive at The Right SIP Amount.

Financial Goal ?
Expected Rate of Returns %
Yearly Investment Period yrs
Investment required every month (Rupees) -

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Invest the Right SIP Amount
Disclaimer: The SIP Calculator is an endeavour to assist investors in ascertaining the suitable SIP amount to achieve their desired financial goal. Rate of return will be based on user assumptions and is compounded annualized. The results displayed are based on user assumptions and may significantly vary from the actual results depending upon the market, economic and other related factors. It is neither an investment advice nor should it be construed as historical or indicative performance of any of the schemes of ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund (IPMF). IPMF shall not be responsible/liable for any decisions based on this calculator or upgrading this calculator. Users are advised to consult their tax / financial advisors before making any decision.

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