Mutual Fund FAQ


  • What is a Mutual Fund ?
  • What is an Asset Management Company?
  • What is NAV?
  • How often is the NAV declared?
  • What are the different types of Mutual funds?
  • What is Entry Load?
  • What is Exit Load?
  • What is Purchase price?
  • What is redemption price?
  • What is repurchase price?
  • What is a Switch?
  • Is there any minimum lock-in period for my units?
  • What are the factors that influence the performance of Mutual Funds?
  • What is KYC and how to get KYC verified ?
  • How to add/cancel/modify nominee?
  • What is the process for changing address in the folio?
  • What is the process for changing bank details ?
  • How do I have my name corrected in the folio?
  • Whats the process for lien marking/cancellation?
  • What is the process of updating change of status from Minor to Major ?
  • How to transfer units for investment with ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund (Transmission Process) ?
  • Which are the valid MICR locations for ECS clearing?
  • Which are the valid RECS(Regional ECS) location for SIP?
  • Which are the valid PDC locations for SIP?

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