Acceptance of Direct Redemption

In case of the following scenarios investors other than Authorised Participants can directly approach the AMC for redemption of units of ETFs for transaction of less than creation unit size of the Scheme/up to INR 25 Cr. (As applicable):
i. Traded price (closing price) of the ETF units is at discount of more than 1% to the day end NAV for 7 continuous trading days, or
ii. No quotes for such ETFs are available on stock exchange(s) for 3 consecutive trading days, or
iii. Total bid size on the exchange is less than half of creation units size daily, averaged over a period of 7 consecutive trading days.
In this regard applications received from investors for redemption up to 3.00 p.m. on any trading day, shall be processed by the AMC at the closing NAV of the day without any exit load.