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Posted on 4/11/2020 4:30:00 AM

Everything was going just fine: your SIP towards your dream house or dream (insert your dream here) was moving smoothly till bang out of nowhere Covid-19 crash-landed, turning markets upside down. What now? Stop your SIP and sit back and watch?

No one knows how long the Covid-19 attack will last, so if you are planning to wait and watch, your dreams could easily fall by the wayside and soon be forgotten. On the other hand, continuing to SIP as per your initial investment strategy will enable you to stay on track with your dreams while also averaging out the cost of your investment. 

Another smart way to ride volatile markets is to invest in asset allocation schemes. These schemes aim to buy equities when valuations are low and sell when they are high. Investing in schemes like these for the long-term can help you build wealth and get closer to achieving your dreams.  

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