Posted on 5/3/2023 6:30:00 PM

Here is a diary note from a disappointed gold specialist thief.

Dear diary,

I can't believe it! My entire career as a gold thief has been rendered useless by the product ICICI Prudential Gold ETF. People would rather invest in this scheme than buy physical gold, which means I have nothing left to steal!

As a specialist gold thief, I feel like a dinosaur from another era. My skills are no longer needed, and my talents have been wasted. I'm disappointed and heartbroken, but I'm also a little bit amused. Who knew that a simple investment scheme could take down a seasoned criminal like me?

They say with this scheme people can hold their gold ETF units in their Demat account. Plus, it replicates the real time domestic prices of gold and invests in standard gold bullion of 99.5%/99.9% purity. You can also buy or sell gold from anywhere and at any time, during the trading hours. They say, it's so easy and convenient that would obviously choose this option over physical gold, huh!

I suppose I can't blame people for wanting to invest in a such a beneficial scheme. But it still stings to think that my life's work is no longer in demand. I should probably move on from my life of crime and start thinking about my own investment portfolio. Who knows, maybe I'll even invest in ICICI Prudential Gold ETF myself!

And am not so proud to say this, but I guess it’s time for me to bid goodbye to Sona Chori and your time to #ChainSeSona

Yours truly,

A disappointed and slightly amused former gold thief.


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