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Presenting ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund

ICICI Prudential Balanced Advantage Fund is an open ended dynamic asset allocation fund that aims to generate reasonable returns in various market scenarios.

Why Asset Allocation?

Markets have their ups and downs, however to make the most out of these market movements, one should buy when the market valuation is low and sell when the market valuation is high.
It may sound easy, but difficult to implement due to the following reasons:

  • How much should one allocate to equity or debt?
  • How to identify what is low and what is high?
  • When to enter and exit the markets?
Solution is to invest in Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds that focus on investing in various asset classes depending on market conditions.

Why invest in this scheme?


Benefit from market volatility

Asset Allocation helps investors to manage market volatility by actively managing the net equity levels based on Buy Low and Sell High principle.


Best of both worlds

The scheme invests both in Equity and Debt offering investors exposure to these asset classes strategically as per the market conditions.


Manage Investor behavior

Asset Allocation helps to manage human emotions of greed and fear since the portfolio is dynamically managed. This ensures investors do not make decisions that will harm their overall financial goal.

Key Features

  • The scheme invests in Equity and Equity related securities and Debt.
  • It has the flexibility to move the net equity levels between 30-80% with an equity taxation, i.e. it allocates higher in equity when the Equity Market Valuation is low and lower when the Equity Market Valuation is high.
  • This Scheme is suitable for investors seeking an all season product that does not require timing the market and seek to benefit from volatility. It is suitable for investors who wish to participate in equity markets with relatively conservative approach.

Please note that the Risk-o-meter(s) specified above will be evaluated and updated on a monthly basis as per SEBI circular dated February 28, 2023 on Product Labelling in Mutual Fund schemes - Risk-o-meter. Please refer to https://www.icicipruamc.com/news-and-updates/all-news for more details