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WHAT is Biometric KYC?

Biometric KYC is the simplest and fastest way to make any of your investors KYC compliant. All you need: an investor, a finger print scanning device and answers to a few questions.

WHY should I use it?

Biometric KYC can benefit in three major ways:

  • Unlike Aadhar/OTP based KYC, there is NO monetary limit on the investment value
  • Zero paperwork, no long forms
  • Instant transaction for the investor

HOW does it work?

After logging into IPRUTOUCH, a finger print scanning device is plugged into the phone or tab. The app automatically detects the plugged in device and asks for a few investor details. The investor then scans his/her finger print via the device and a validation is carried out by UIDAI. Post this validation, a few more details are captured and the investor's data is submitted to the KYC authorities for completion of the process. This will make the investor KYC compliant instantly, thus enabling him/her to carry out the first transaction immediately.

WHEN can I get started?

You are good to get started as soon as you have the following:

  • Latest version of IPRUTOUCH, which can be downloaded from your App/Play Store
  • Mantra MFS100 - The certified Biometric device for IPRUTOUCH

WHERE can I get the Mantra MFS100 device?

A certified biometric Mantra MFS100 device costs ~INR 2400. You can order this from well-known ecommerce websites.
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