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1 What all do I need, to initiate Biometric KYC for my investor?

All you need is a non-KYC investor, a biometric device i.e. the fingerprint scanning device and answers to a few simple questions.

2 Is there a specific device associated with Biometric KYC? Where can I get it?

Mantra MFS -100 is the certified Biometric device for IPRUTOUCH. This device costs ~Rs. 2,400. You can order it from well-known ecommerce websites.

3 Can I use any other device for Biometric KYC?

No, no other device will help you in Biometric KYC on IPRUTOUCH except Mantra MFS-100.

4 On which tablets/mobile devices can I connect the Biometric KYC device?

Biometric KYC as a facility is available only for Android devices. The Mantra MFS-100 device is compatible with Android Operating System 4.2 and above up to OS 7.0 i.e. Nougat.

5 Are there any pre-requisites before I can use Biometric KYC?

In order to complete the registration process of Mantra MFS-100 on your personal device, you need to install two applications namely Mantra RD services and Mantra Management Clients. This is just a one-time registration process that needs to be done before initiating the biometric process. Installation of these apps will be prompted within IPRUTOUCH when one attempts to initiate the Biometric KYC verification process.

6 If I am performing Biometric KYC through IPRUTOUCH, is it necessary for me to make a transaction?

Yes, if you have performed Biometric KYC for your investor through IPRUTOUCH, you have to mandatorily make a transaction with ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund.

7 I have successfully performed Biometric KYC for my investor, is there a limit on the amount he/she can invest?

There is NO LIMIT on the amount one can invest when KYC process is completed through Biometric based KYC verification.

8 I have successfully performed Biometric KYC, when can I start transacting for my investor?

As soon as the Biometric KYC process is complete, the KYC status will read ‘in process’ and you will be able to make a transaction immediately.

9 I am trying to get my investor KYC compliant using Biometric KYC but the device is not working. What should I do?

Please unplug your device, clean the surface and re-plug it. In spite of this, if you’re unable to successfully complete the KYC verification, then please send a screenshot of the error message to for assistance. Meanwhile, you may complete the onboarding process of your client by either following the Aadhaar based OTP verification or submit the documents physically at our nearest branch.

10 I entered my investors PAN details, but I am not given the option of Biometric KYC. What is the reason?

The option for Biometric KYC only shows when the PAN has never been KYC verified with any Centralized KRA Registry. If the PAN is under updating process with any KRA or if it has been verified using OTP based KYC, the option for Biometric KYC will not appear and you are required to physically submit your KYC documents to our nearest branch.

11 I entered the correct Aadhaar number but the system is not accepting it. What should I do?

Although this is unlikely, it could be possible that there might be a technical glitch. We request you to try again after some time. In the event that this issue is still not resolved, please call our toll free numbers on 1800 200 6666 / 1800 222 999 for assistance.

12 After getting my investor KYC verified via Biometric KYC facility, can I still initiate physical transactions for him?

If you need to initiate physical transactions for your investor, you need to capture his signature as a part of the Biometric KYC verification process. The signature can be captured as an image of the investor’s signature. (The investor can sign on a blank paper, a picture of the same can be clicked and uploaded to the device)

13 Do I need to upload any other documents, for example PAN or Aadhaar, to complete the Biometric KYC process?

No, it’s a paperless process; we don’t require any other documents.

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