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About ICICI Prudential Freedom SIP

Have you ever imagined setting aside a part of your income, may help you become financially independent?
But then, what is financial independence?
It could mean different things to different people, like

Being financially independent is not always about being rich. It is simply about having enough money to cover your
expenses, and afford to spend your precious time doing what you like.
However, to gain this financial freedom it’s important to be systematic.
Introducing ICICI Prudential Freedom SIP, a feature that can provide you with regular money and help achieve your financial goals.

How does ICICI Prudential Freedom SIP work?

This feature encourages you to invest regularly in a disciplined manner through Systematic Investment Planning (SIP) and also lets
you enjoy the benefits of regular money via Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) post completion of SIP period.

SIP will be registered into a scheme of your choice (open ended equity, hybrid or fund of funds scheme) for a pre-defined period of
either 8 years, 10 years, 12 years or 15 years. There will be a Monthly SIP instalment amount for the respective schemes.
Post the SIP period, the units accumulated through Freedom SIP shall be transferred to the selected target scheme.
Once the transfer process is completed, SWP will be activated for an amount as mentioned by you in the mandate form.

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Why choose ICICI Prudential Freedom SIP?

Suitable combination of schemes

You can choose your target schemes from a selection of schemes based on your goals and risk appetite.

Long-term investment habit

This feature inculcates the habit of staying invested for the entire SIP tenure to avail the potential benefits.

Goal oriented

Based on the tenure you choose; the scheme seeks to help you achieve your financial goals.

Should you opt for ICICI Prudential Freedom SIP?

If you are willing to invest a specific amount every month with an aim to enjoy regular money in the future, this feature could be good option!

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Freedom SIP is an optional feature that allows initial investments through SIP, Switch to another scheme after a pre-defined tenure and SWP post that. The SWP will be processed either in Dec 2099 or till units are available in target scheme, which ever is earlier. Please read the terms and conditions in the application form before investing


ICICI Prudential Freedom SIP is an optional feature offered by ICICI Prudential AMC. This feature does not in any way give assurance of the performance of any of the Schemes of ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund or provide any guarantee of withdrawals through SWP mode. The SWP will be processed either till Dec 2099 or till the units are available in target scheme, whichever is earlier. Freedom SIP allows investors to switch the SIP investments to a target scheme, post completion of the SIP tenure & monthly SWP will continue from the target scheme. *The investor may select any other SWP Amount. Multiples above are default. The illustration showing “multiples”, “X”, “times” referred do not in any manner indicate the return or return multiple which investor will be getting by investing in this feature. It only indicates the likely amount that can be withdrawn through SWP and for ease of understanding and planning of the investor, it is depicted in multiples of SIP amount opted by the investor. Other multiples under this facility are also available, kindly refer to Application Form.
Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, please read all scheme related documents carefully.

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