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Freedom SIP


Choose your SIP Amount

For example,
10,000/- per month

Choose your Tenure in years

8 years            10 years
12 years          15 years


Choose your Set of Schemes

Source Scheme/
Target Scheme

Investors may please refer application form for full terms and conditions of ICICI Prudential Freedom SIP.
Please note the source and target scheme cannot be the same.

How does Freedom SIP work?


Benefits of Freedom SIP


Financial goal based investing – Helps investors decide monthly investing amount

Investors can calculate how much they aim to get as SWP for regular cash flows and accordingly decide SIP amount and tenure.


Inculcates the habit of long term investing

Investors must remain invested for the entire SIP tenure selected to avail the benefits of Freedom SIP. This helps to inculcate the habit of long term investing.


Make suitable combination based on your requirement and risk appetite

Investors can choose from a selection of schemes as the source and target schemes based on their requirements and risk appetite.

Freedom SIP is an optional feature that allows initial investments through SIP, Switch to another scheme after a pre-defined tenure and SWP post that. The SWP will be processed either in Dec 2099 or till units are available in target scheme, which ever is earlier. Please read the terms and conditions in the application form before investing