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About the Scheme

Launched on August 16, 2004, ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund is an open-ended diversified equity fund. It aims to invest in stocks that are available at prices lower relative to their historic prices, the company’s earnings and performance.

Scheme Highlights

The Scheme, through its process of discovery, aims to invest in stocks which are quoting at a discount to their intrinsic value. The process of Discovery involves identifying companies that are well managed, fundamentally strong, and are available at a price, which can be termed as a bargain.

Why Invest Now?

We believe that the Indian economy is on the cusp of cyclical recovery, and relatively lesser known stocks of companies with good fundamentals are expected to ride on the domestic economic growth.

To know more about ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund,watch this video:

Scheme Features

Type of Scheme An open ended equity scheme following a value investment strategy
Plans ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund and ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund - Direct; Options: Growth & Dividend
Application Amount Rs. 1,000 (plus in multiples of Re.1)
Minimum Additional Investment Rs. 500 (plus in multiples of Re. 1)
Minimum Redemption Amount 500/- or all units where amount is below 500/-
Entry Load Not Applicable
Exit Load
Upto 12 Months from allotment 1% of applicable NAV
More than 12 Months NIL
Fund Manager Mrinal Singh has been managing this scheme since Feb 2011 and has 14 years of overall experience.#

#In addition to the fund manager managing this fund, the ADR/GDR exposure is managed by Ms. Priyanka Khandelwal.

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This product is suitable for investors who are seeking*:

  • Long term wealth creation solution.
  • An open ended equity scheme following a value investment strategy.
* Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.