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Regular Income Fund - ICICI Prudential AMC

ICICI Prudential Regular Income Fund

Medium term investment in a portfolio of debt and equity(upto 30%) aiming for capital appreciation.

Schemes - ICICI Prudential Regular Income Fund

  • Real Time NAV

  • Closing NAV


Investment Philosophy

The Scheme seeks to generate regular income through investments in fixed income securities so as to make regular dividend distribution to unitholders seeking the Dividend Option. The secondary objective of the Scheme is to generate long-term capital appreciation by investing a portion of the Scheme's assets in equity and equity related instruments.

Key Features

Investor Profile

  • The fund intends to generate stable accrual returns with lower volatility by holding its investment till its maturity and investing a portion in equity to generate low volatile income through arbitrage trades.
  • The fund endeavours to invest in relatively high yielding debt instruments. The Fund intends to generate reasonable returns across all interest rate cycles.

Key Benefits

  • Provides the twin benefits of growth from equity markets and steady income from debt markets.
  • Lower volatility of returns and lower risk through diversification.

Who should invest?

  • Medium term regular income solution
  • A hybrid fund that aims to generate regular income through investments primarily in debt and money market instruments and long term capital appreciation by investing a portion in equity
Scheme Features
Type An Open Ended Income Scheme. Income is not assured and is subject to the availability of distributable surplus.
NSE Symbol & BSE Scrip ID
BSE Scrip Code
Application size - Directly with AMC
Application size through NSE & BSE
Entry Load Not Applicable
Exit Load a)If purchased or switched in from another scheme of the fund are redeemed or switched out within 1 month from the date of allotment-0.50% of application Net Asset Value (NAV).
b)For redemption/switch-out of units after 1month from the date of allotment-NIL.
Authorized Participant

Fund Manager

Equity: Mr. Rajat Chandak
Debt: Mr. Manish Banthia and Mr. Ritesh Lunawat

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