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How does SIP Plus work?

*Refer to the terms and conditions of SIP Plus. This is for illustration purpose only. Actual result may vary. Past performance may or may not be sustained in future.

SIP Plus Features

Sum Insured 1st Year : 10 times of the monthly SIP Plus instalment
2nd Year : 50 times of the monthly SIP Plus instalment.
3rd Year onwards : 100 times of the monthly SIP Plus instalment.
All the above limits are subject to maximum cover of Rs. 50 Lakhs per investor
Life Cover Proceeds
Provided to the Nominee
Benefits to Nominee Scheme Value + Life Cover equivalent upto 100 times of the monthly SIP Plus instalments from
third year onwards
Minimum SIP Instalment Rs. 1,000 pm
Entry Load Not Applicable
Exit Load Refer scheme document for exit load details
Age Entry/Exit 18 years to 51 years (how ever Insurance cover will be ceased on completion of 55 years of
age, but SIP shall continue till the end of tenure if SIP is registered beyond 55 years of age.)
Payment Options ECS, Direct Debits & Post Dated Cheques

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SIP Plus Form






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